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Voltelligent Analytics – web application

Voltelligent Analytics battery management system opens trusted communication between battery users and their service providers by interpreting the condition of their batteries – at a glance, and trended throughout their service life – from routine inspections. It simplifies battery planned maintenance to the highest industry standard, and compiles comprehensive service records conveniently shareable between technicians, end users, and equipment suppliers. It facilitates smart asset management, backed by reliable data-based forecasts maximizing the service life of one of the safest, most affordable and most recyclable power sources.

My role
Project Management, UX Design, UI Design, Front-end Development 

Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, VS Code, Gitlab, Vue.js, Vuelidate, GraphQL, Tailwind CSS, Trello


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Our goal was to create an easy-to-use web application that allows technicians to collect data in a consistent way and chart that data to show a visual representation of the state of the battery. We needed to generate an at-a-glance assessment that can be sent to the customers, allow for moving batteries to different trucks, replacing cells or batteries, deleting, archiving and adding custom makes, models etc… There is a lot going on but it is all captured in a clean, easy-to-use interface, and is a great example of having to simplify things so they are digestible and easy to find.


  • Gain an understanding of the industry
  • Capture the different users and tasks performed
  • Create an intuitive flow for consistent data entry
  • Only allow proper data in each field
  • Make the information easy for a user to digest
  • Filter the content from broad to narrow so only applicable content would display depending on the type of battery configuration
  • Create a clean, fast loading interface that worked in sub-optimal conditions
  • Report to the customers in a way that requires minimal effort on their end


  • Research the industry and client’s existing product
  • Define the users and their permissions
  • Create user stories capturing the different tasks
  • Create user flows to highlight the main tasks
  • Develop wireframes to show the content and UI elements
  • Prototype sample tasks to show how a user would flow through the interface
  • Develop a consistent design system
  • Test and update based on user feedback

Skillfully acting between founder/inventor and the software developer, Trevor designed a user experience and interface that was logical, clean and seamless. We are so very pleased with the product. Trevor moved us through decisions, sticking points, and inevitable improvements “on the fly” capably and calmly. A true professional. Highly recommend.

Dani vanDriel, Owner Action Battery Service, Co-Founder Voltelligent Analytics Inc.


This was a challenging project! It was built in its entirety by me and one other developer. In order to build this we needed to understand the industry and how things worked so we could better understand our users. What are the conditions like, how do you physically access the battery etc… From user stories, user flows, wireframes and prototypes I tried to get things as nailed down as I could before entering the development phase. We still ended up with a lot of changes during the development phase. This seemed somewhat inevitable due to the amount of testing that occurred.

I am proud of what we produced! The project ended up being a lot larger than I originally thought, but there is real satisfaction in jumping in and pushing forward until completion!! The fact that the client trusted me enough to know that we would figure it out meant a lot. Special thanks to Darryl from XM Media, this project would not have happened without him.